The brainchild of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, the Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Bowl kicked off its inaugural run last fall with challenge exams at 30 colleges and universities nationwide. That’s where I came in. Six months later, after increasingly competitive regional and semifinal rounds, my Northwestern University team (myself, Will Getter, and Steve Weinstein) duked it out with San Jose State (Dawn Reichelderfer, Walter Ryce, and Thomas Lawler) amid the glamour and clamor of Spring Break Daytona Beach. Plans are already under way for another competition, and organizers are promising greater visibility and grander prizes; if you’re a full-time college student in search of a trivial pursuit, watch your campus newspaper this fall for news of the event. Meanwhile, you can match wits with the current national champions by trying your hand at these questions, drawn from the semifinal and final rounds of the competition.

1. Where is Technotronic’s Felly from?

2. Prince wrote this song on Sinead O’Connor’s album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.

3. The sound track to this 1988 LA gang movie includes songs by Big Daddy Kane and Salt N’ Pepa, but it’s Ice-T’s title tune that sets the gangsta rap tone.

4. This group covered Led Zeppelin’s “Rock & Roll” on their 1980 Greatest Hits Live album.

5. On the cover of his boxed set Stages, is Jimi Hendrix seen playing the guitar right- or left-handed?

6. What long-lasting British band was named after the 18th-century inventor of the seed drill?

7. What video did David Bowie make with Queen?

9. This group remade Suzanne Vega’s “Luka” for their 1989 album Lick.

10. To accompany the “explicit lyrics” stamp on the cover of their 1990 album, this band printed Article One of the United States Constitution.


1. Nigeria

2. “Nothing Compares 2 U”

3. Colors.

4. Heart

5. Left-handed

6. Jethro Tull

7. “Under Pressure”

9. Lemonheads

10. Jane’s Addiction

Grading yourself:

Less than 6 We’re very sorry, Mr. Kasem.

7 It’s only rock and roll but you like it.

9 Contest winner in a former life.

10 Liar! Cheater! No one could get all ten!