We wish to express the most categorical protest possible against Garret Gaston’s blasphemous cartoon “La Petite Camera, Papal Makeover” in the Chicago Reader [June 21].

A “new recipe for communion” is proposed using chocolate chips. Our Lord crucified is blasphemed. The pope is portrayed dispensing “red hot birth control pills,” asking forgiveness for “the wholesale slaughter of your people,” and suggesting immoral actions while hearing confession.

This blatant, filthy mockery of the papacy and the church is a grave insult to God and to all Catholics.

God is infinitely holy, and His holiness is rooted in his own infinite perfection. He is free of the slightest stain. Therefore, to blaspheme the crucified Christ is a supreme offense against His infinite holiness.

I have a copy of the above mentioned Garret Gaston cartoon printed in the June 21 issue of the Chicago Reader and I cannot fathom how you could even consider printing something so offensive.

Facing these blasphemies, we have no other option than to stand up and defend the honor of God and the Catholic faith.

We demand an unqualified apology and a written commitment within seven days that you will never again print such blasphemies. If we do not hear from you by then, the TFP’s America Needs Fatima campaign will launch a nationwide drive aimed at motivating America’s 70 million Catholics, particularly those in Chicago, to protest this blasphemy.

We hope to receive soon a written communication from you.


Raymond E. Drake


American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property