Ladies and Gentlemen:

For readers who don’t know what it means to “siss” air (as Michael Miner describes one of my responses [Hot Type, August 12]), let me explain.

Mr. Miner asked if I had recommended to Ross Perot that he schedule his radio program on Sunday nights (which would compete against Mr. DuMont’s Inside Politics). I was trying to recall exactly what occurred a year ago and must have let some air siss through my teeth. I apologize. But my answer was “no.” Mr. Miner tries to use my habit to imply that I was thinking of a clever way to duck Mr. DuMont’s charge that Ross Perot “ripped off” his Sunday night strategy. Not true.

Mr. DuMont gives himself too much credit. We did consider airing a Perot radio show on Sunday nights–but it had nothing to do with Mr. DuMont or any marketing strategy he claims to have sent us. We looked at every time slot from Monday through Sunday. If one is trying to successfully syndicate a radio program, doesn’t it make sense to explore every possibility? Mr. DuMont considers this stealing his idea.

Mr. Miner’s article accomplished nothing more than allowing Mr. DuMont to use the Chicago Reader to create publicity for himself by making wild allegations against Ross Perot.

Daniel G. Routman