To the editors:

“Margery” [“First Person: A Waif at My Door,” February 26] does get around. She first introduced herself to me on a hot, sunny Sunday morning in August. She entered our church directly after our 10:30 AM service. I had assisted with worship that day and I guess the clerical robe and my middle-aged, motherly face made me a prime target.

She wanted cash. Her story involved a severely ill and allergic infant who needed a special formula and disposable diapers. She had done her homework and was able to give information about any and all agencies and their Sunday hours.

We could offer no cash, only food and assistance in breaking through agency red tape. After approaching other parishioners she began to “lay it on,” even thicker. When she realized we were not budging, she left in a huff.

Her driver was waiting halfway down the block. She meandered on her way toward him, stopping and checking our church door with backward glances.

Other clergy in the area reported that this is her usual Sunday pattern. . . . Hit the churches at worship dismissal times.

Margery surfaced again last year, this time at our church during the evening exercise class. She went into her full routine once more. When she saw the look of recollection on my face, she fled.

J. Kiehm


P.S. Our church is involved in stocking a local food pantry. We are happy to help those who are in need.