To the editors:

Based on your review of Dance With Wolves we went to see that movie with some out-of-town guests the other day, expecting to see a great and entertaining show (because you said it was thus). What we saw was a lot of garbage, murders, perversion, the trash that sells movies to the public today.

You talked about “great” actors–to our mind any man/woman who sells his/her talents for this sort of thing, to be put before the public, is NOT “great” but a cheap pervert catering to the base instincts of a demented public, made this way by the TV industry and the movie bosses.

I realize that most reviewers are bought and owned by the movie/TV industry and we never bother to read those reviews, much less would we put any faith in them. However, we did look to you as one decent and honest paper that would tell the truth about whatever item you were discussing. Nowhere, in all your review, did you mention the murders, depravity, and downright sadism in this production. We walked out about half-way through when we were told by the man sitting next to Mrs. Urbain that, “–this is nothing–it gets better and bloody and really horrible as we go on.” He was looking forward to it–had already seen it twice! We left just as they were talking about the other tribe invading the one in the start of the show–I don’t remember the names of any of them–we were just disgusted in the filth of the movie and the dishonesty of your review.

Leon D. Urbain

Burns Harbor, Indiana

Jonathan Rosenbaum replies:

For the record, the words “great” and “entertaining” don’t appear in my review. In fact, I made no comment at all about the acting except to note that many of the Sioux in the film were played by Native Americans. I’m not sure what Mr. Urbain means by “garbage,” “perversion,” “depravity,” and “downright sadism” in the film; since he appears to have mixed up my review with someone else’s, is it possible he may have gotten his films mixed up as well?