Peter Margasak,

This is the drummer for Hello Dave, and reading your disparaging comments [Post No Bills, June 20] about my band really affected me. We’ve spent nearly a decade busting our asses on the road trying to make a name for ourselves only to be dismissed by people like you as a cover band?

You are certainly entitled to your opinion about our music, but do a little research before you lump us together with cover bands like Mike and Joe or Underwater People, especially on the front page of Section Three.

You probably could care less that your comments will turn people off from Hello Dave who haven’t even seen us, but I wanted to let you know that it hurts to have to fight against local critics who probably haven’t even seen us.

I guess watching people sing along with our ORIGINAL songs at the Taste of Lincoln will make me feel better, but it would be nice to get just a little support from the local media.

Thanks for making our struggles even greater.


Peter Margasak replies:

I called Hello Dave unoriginal but not a cover band.