The general laborer Chris Rodriguez comments, “The Americans are not used to working Saturdays and Sundays” [“Hecho en Illinois,” November 17]. How many fights were won in the past when Americans worked 16 hours a day, six days a week? What kind of union contract the Teamsters Local 627 has with Nestle that allows 12-hour-seven-day-a-week workweeks? What about the overtime laws regarding over 40 hours a week in Illinois?

The laborers only work from August to November and collect unemployment in the off-season.

How much in corporate taxes does Nestle/Libby’s pay in to the state? The article, I hope, teaches American workers what can happen to us. Why aren’t those who come from La Soledad, Michoacan, fighting to improve their lives in Mexico but coming to Morton, Illinois?

Carol Contreras