To the editors:

Hopefully, your excellent 9/15/89 “Abortion 1990” cover story will motivate larger numbers of the pro-choice majority in Illinois to become politically active in the growing effort to keep abortion safe, legal and accessible. In addition to joining pro-choice organizations, each of us can pledge to vote for only those candidates who are genuinely pro-choice.

As your article clearly illustrated, access to abortion services for all women is key to guaranteeing real choices for women, regardless of economic circumstances. Candidates for public office who claim to be pro-choice and oppose access to abortion services for poor women are engaging in the most cynical form of political rhetoric. Furthermore, we must not allow the anti-choice minority to continue to divide pro-choice people on the critical issue of access to abortion at the expense of the lives of poor, young and rural women.

Finally, it is worth noting that Joe Scheidler and other anti-choice leaders openly oppose the use of “artificial” birth control (the pill, IUD, diaphragm, condom, etc.). Scheidler often refers to these forms of birth control as “disgusting.” I suggest the Reader devote a future article to the positions of anti-choice people on birth control and family planning. This would be an eye-opener as to the real agenda of those who are anti-choice.

Terry Cosgrove

N. Sheridan