To the editors:

Re. “Walk Right In” (Reader, Our Town, 9/22/89): Kudos, Jack, Rod (and John Touhy). “Gatecrashing” has such destructive implications; it’s the art of superficial self-confidence–looking like you know what you’re doing. Even the truly skilled, deserving or admittable can gain from the occasional exhilaration of pandering to the expectations of the righteous. I learned this from my brother, who is physically imposing, but who always considered it more artful to finagle than to bully in. His stories of climbing under Field’s Christmas train displays with his buddies in the Fifties and merging locomotives may be apocryphal, but he did teach me how to wait just outside the doors of the then new and exciting Marina Towers, waiting for an emerging, sympathetic resident to hold open the door while we fumbled for our keys. The view from the model apartment balcony was great.

Robert Mueller

W. 26th St.