To the editors:

I was intrigued by Cecil Adams’s answer to the person inquiring about stegosaurus who was thought to have a brain up its butt [The Straight Dope, February 20].

Actually, the species lives today. Its habitat is vast. It lives without shame among us, and can usually be recognized by its excessive vocalism, which takes several forms. In broad classification: (I) Polysyllabic Amorphism. (II) Syllogistic Non-Sequiturism. (III) Monosyllabic Nonsense.

Large numbers can be found in government at all levels, but the highest concentration seems to be in the upper echelons, where its members are skilled at all forms of vocalism.

Less skilled, but no less vocal, are the Moral Guardians, comprised almost entirely of the species. This group has enjoyed higher visibility in recent years, coincident with a sympathetic administration. Its members seldom attain higher than classification II in linguistic skills with the greater number at level III. But they make up for it by making more noise.

Stegosauri (pl.) also inhabit boardrooms and courtrooms (especially the Supreme) and love to be in front of cameras and behind podiums.

Grayson Dunn Chadwicke

Virginia Beach, Virginia