To the editors:

I read with interest the article “The Woman Killer: The Sexual Politics of Breast Cancer” [April 3]. Despite the continuing optimistic rhetoric by the orthodox cancer industry, the mortality rate for nonlocalized breast cancer has remained static at 18 percent for the last 40 years.

Our nation’s libraries and research institutions are clogged with papers and studies on toxic chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone manipulation, high tech gene-splicing techniques and various surgical techniques. All of these failed methods of treating cancer have one thing in common; they all depress and/or destroy the body’s own natural immune system.

Conversely, safe, pure, natural, efficacious, nutritional cancer protocols that are only available beyond the borders of the land of the free, stimulate and enhance the body’s own natural immune system to fight cancer. These low tech nutritional modalities are cost effective and if approved for use in the U.S. could be administered by primary care physicians at the local level.

Our citizens should write their elected representatives and demand that these nutritional programs be tested in a fair and unbiased fashion.

Roy E. Nottingham