Kudos on the Jerkstore grand opening piece in your Chicago Antisocial column from the October 15 edition of the Reader. It was an interesting read from start to finish, and Mr. Jashnani’s ordeal with the authorities was a story that needed to be told. Thanks for giving the public the lowdown on this.

I would like to point out one inaccurate statement in the piece made by our friend John Dal Santo with regard to promotion of the night. Specifically, it’s his statement that “the crew that booked Phon.o had access to the entire Smart Bar mailing list,” which is simply not true.

As we work with many venues throughout the city, we would never ask another venue to send out a message to their mailing list regarding an event not occurring within their respective club, as that would be an obvious conflict in interest. John’s statement seems to insinuate that: (1) Meiotic (the crew that booked Phon.o) had sent out a message promoting the night to Smart Bar’s mailing list (which did not happen), and (2) that we regularly have access to the Smart Bar mailing list for all events we promote, which, again, is not (and never has been) the case.

Meiotic keeps its own respective mailing list, and though I’m sure our list is considerably smaller than that of Smart Bar, it is a very musically informed and dedicated list that has been very supportive of our efforts pushing the forward-thinking dance-floor agenda.

Anyhow, my apologies if this seems like a harp on a minute detail of an otherwise informative piece. I sincerely thought this was a great article on what should have been a great party.

Marc Martin

Meiotic Promotions