Re: “Who’s Got the Agenda Here?” [Letters, July 11]

I’m responding as a mystified member of the “radical religious right” (RRR),” to a letter John Jones wrote. His dubious contention that this “fringe” element coined the term “gay agenda” goes unattributed. Even if it were ID’d to be the work of, say, Focus on the Family, let’s whoa our horse a bit before we run over the freaking cart. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Although I too may not research phrase origins (for the sake of argument, let’s just say Lambda coined “radical religious right” and make everyone happy), it’s laughable how Mr. Jones uses the term to, basically, “jones” us into thinking that his assertion holds even a beaker full of rhetorical water. Look, if he is saying, in parody fashion (8 AM–Go to gym; 9:30 AM–Meet Brad at Caribou; 11 AM–Buy new shirt at A & F”), that there can’t be a, quote, gay agenda because the “gay and lesbian community is too diverse to ever actually come up with an acceptable ‘agenda’ for all,” then how in the heck (sorry, that’s my “radical religious right”-ness coming out) can he claim so assuredly that there is a “radical religious right” agenda?! The last I looked this “so-called” faction represents a hearty majority of American adults. (And contrary to the now documented bad numbers that Kinsey originated, gays and lesbians comprise maybe 3 percent of the U.S. population.) I mean, not to rub it in…but who actually won the last election by a majority? All this to say: Johnnie, my boy, stop denying the fact that we all got an agenda. Some are just more honest in admitting it!

Ron Friedman