To the editors:

Pardon the unconventional stationery; sitting in a neighborhood coffeeshop reading the Letters to the Editor I reached for the nearest paper to write in response to Maryanne Burgess’ passionate outpouring of support to you, and denigration of the D. Tillman (remember Aaron Freeman and Rob Kolson once calling her “Aldermouth Tillman” on Fox 32?!) faction regarding the seemingly ceaseless cartoon debate, etc . . . (Hence, the placemat . . . )

My feelings on this controversy have oscillated between “Let’s just move on to real issues and drop the entire subject” to “Okay, let’s dissect every possible dynamic of this” to complete disgust that we, the people of Chicago–black, white or otherwise–would become so moved by this cartoon issue, to “Hey–I LOVE this city! More! More!”

Maryanne’s letter was comprehensive and intelligent and I appreciated her views, having read word for word what must be one of the longest letters to the editor of any publication I’ve ever taken the time to devote my time to.

Hear here, Maryanne–You’ve crystallized many of my own, and very probably those of a major percentage of Chicagoans’ feelings, perspectives and frustrations over this flap.

Thank you, Maryanne, for your time and energy in making your voice/opinions heard, and thank you, Reader, for printing her letter! Next issue, please!

Rhonda Hampton

W. Van Buren