Not only was the article “Born Bad?” unable to answer the question whether or not pit bulls can be safe, it gave far too much credit to foolish no-kill shelters and abusive trainers with their remote-control laziness. Dogs do not need to be “dominated” by an alpha but taught what is expected of them and rewarded for their correct response. This dog wasn’t being stubborn but reacting out of fear by barking and lunging at some scary things to keep them the hell away from him. Can you blame him? Plus he only has one eye. To make the dog as terrified as possible and then cause it physical pain for any sort of normal reaction is not only inhumane and cruel, it’s poor and lazy training. Training an animal takes time, not force. Orphans of the Storm should be ashamed of themselves for putting this animal through this and promoting this type of training. How could someone think that a dog is “lucky” to have been tortured and mutilated by dogfighting, only to have the pain continue by being forced to live in cold concrete isolation for two years and then electrocuted by a stranger when he shows signs of fear?? Total bullshit!!!!! Dogs (especially pit bulls) deteriorate mentally and physically in the shelter environment; people who think no-kill shelters are kind are sadly mistaken. These shelters need to consider an animal’s quality of life, not their own self-righteousness. The most humane thing for Lucky would have been to put him down immediately instead of prolonging the agony and the inevitable. Are pit bulls safe?? Sometimes.

J. Collins