Dear editors:

I have a few things to say about your article “Cat Fight” [August 27]. First, has no one considered the fact that responsible pet owners keep their pets indoors? This is the city of Chicago, not the middle-of-nowhere farmland. In this city, a loose cat or dog is a danger to itself and to other animals. Every time a person lets their pet run loose through the city they are risking that pet’s life. A pet should only be let out if it is supervised or fenced in–they should never be allowed to run loose. The Sarrajes should have understood this and kept their pets indoors or on leads (as any responsible pet owner does). Secondly, if the Melvins are as close to their neighbors as they say, then they knew whose pet they were trapping and they should have spoken to the owner before attempting such a radical solution. Further, since when is trapping an animal and dumping it in another area of the city a good solution or a lifesaving maneuver? What was that woman thinking? But then what kind of pet owner is she? She admits to trapping her own rabbit, which refused to stay in its (outdoor) pen, and dumping it in the woods rather than searching for a more humane solution. It is people like the Melvins and Sarrajes who contribute to an exploding stray-pet population that eventually has to be paid for by the taxpayer and that also results in needless animal deaths.

A responsible pet owner