Thank you for your article on Kathy Cummings’s fight to get on the ballot as the Green Party’s representative for the Fourth District [The Works, September 15]. I think it was Ben Joravsky who first brought Kathy to my attention in a [1994] article.

Monsanto had just gotten FDA approval for its rBGH (recombinant bovine growth) hormone. Kathy zoomed into action and created MOO, Milk Outrage Organization, to fight this serious attack on our food, and with a small band of MOO volunteers did succeed in getting rBGH milk out of the Chicago Public Schools. Didn’t hold for long, but what does in our corporate world?

This was just one of her battles over the years for good nutrition and high quality food, especially in the schools where she taught. Now she is running on her deep commitment to the values of the Green Party and her opposition to the corporate ownership of our government. But here we are again forced to concentrate on the manipulations of politics, rather than on the issues we so badly want and need to deal with. Let’s hope Kathy does get on the ballot. All the usual stuff is so tiresome.

Jane Alexander

Rogers Park