To the editors:

In light of the current media hysteria about AIDS, it certainly was refreshing to read Dr. Peter Duesberg’s comments in the Reader [October 4]. He confirmed what many of us in the natural health movement have been saying for years–namely, that disease is the result of unhealthy living practices, that AIDS is not sexually transmitted, that the so-called HIV virus is irrelevant to the disease, and that the extremely toxic immunosuppressive drug, AZT, hastens the demise of the patient. It is much more likely that AIDS symptoms are, as Dr. Duesberg suggests, the result of long-term ingestion and injection of toxic substances and foreign proteins, both legal and illegal, that destroy the immune system.

For those wishing to read more on this subject, I highly recommend The Great AIDS Hoax, by Mr. T.C. Fry of the Life Science Institute. I also highly recommend Roger’s Recovery From AIDS: the wonderful story of a near-death AIDS patient who recovered by abandoning conventional medical treatment (including AZT). He regained health with a natural program of total rest, withdrawal from all drugs and medication, prolonged fasting, and sunshine. This prolonged rest allowed his body to detoxify from long-term drug abuse (legal and illegal), and eventually to heal itself. Both of these books are available by calling my office.

Perhaps now we are finally getting some sanity in the AIDS debate.

Gary L. Livacari, DDS