To the editors:

When I first read Bill Wyman’s review of Dylan & the Dead [March 17] I got angry, then I just shook my head and started laughing. Bill, are you a member of this planet? Are you asleep?

To state that the Dead are boring in content is preposterous. Bill, have you been to a Dead concert lately?

It’s the Greatest Show on Earth, the music, the people, the mood. Even if you’re not a Head you can’t help but get caught up in the energy and the atmosphere. The Grateful Dead’s music is a rich blend of music from America’s heartland.

I’m not a real Dylan fan but I believe that the Dylan/Dead concerts were given primarily for fun; fun for us and them (the musicians). Yes, the album could have had more songs but that’s not the point. Dylan inspired many people to get into Rock-N-Roll including Garcia. To have Dylan backed by the Dead was a perfect combination, reminding us of our Rock-N-Roll roots. So . . . Bill, wake up and smell the roses! Come to the Rosemont Horizon April 11th, 12th, or 13th. And smile!

Marty Weber