Credit: Clay Hickson
Credit: Clay Hickson

In Illinois, a cancer diagnosis doesn’t guarantee access to medical marijuana
Doctors have been reluctant to prescribe cannabis—even to patients battling serious illnesses.

Credit: Clay Hickson

Is legal weed in Illinois a pipe dream?
Nationwide polls show growing support for legal recreational use, but even advocates say Illinois isn’t ready for that conversation.

Credit: Jennifer Olson

The marijuana edibles business in Illinois is no cakewalk—just ask Mindy Segal
Hot Chocolate’s famed pastry chef is slated to roll out her first cannabis-infused treats this month. But the career move hasn’t been easy, even for a James Beard Award winner.

Credit: Clay Hickson

Why can’t Illinois patients grow their own weed?
Pro-medical-marijuana lawmakers and activists say homegrown weed won’t take root any time soon in the Prairie State.

Credit: David Sampson

Put down the vaporizer, pick up an artisan pipe
Puff, puff, pass these artist-made smoking devices.