Credit: Brian Swanson

History The 800-Pound Gargoyle
The University of Chicago may not be the only force that shaped Hyde Park and Kenwood, but it’s the biggest.
By Deanna Isaacs

Politics An Island in the Swamp
For decades now, most of Chicago’s political independents have emerged from Hyde Park and Kenwood.
By Ben Joravsky

Community Expelled From the Garden The U. of C. wants to park bulldozers on a Woodlawn community garden, and it won’t take “let’s talk about this” for an answer.
By Martha Bayne

Architecture Beyond Robie House
A tour of some of the neighborhoods’ lesser-known architectural gems
By Tim Samuelson

GLBTQ Dance For Your Rights
Hyde Park was a bastion of the Stonewall-era gay-rights movement in Chicago.
By Sam Worley

Theater The Cradle of Chicago-Style Theater
Both Chicago improv and the off-Loop theater movement have their roots in Hyde Park. Sheldon Patinkin was there.
By Tony Adler

Street Level: What to do and where to do it

Arts & Museums Museums, fairs, galleries, co-ops, and a transitory art project

Bars The four places the locals drink

Restaurants Old haunts like the Medici, new cafes like Backstory… and where to get Indian & soul food in the same restaurant

Lit Bookstores, series, and other resources for readers.

Music Where to hear it, buy it, and learn it

Shopping & Services Bike stores, high-quality cookware, a “potted-plant gallery,” and more

Performing Arts Where to go in the birthplace of off-Loop theater

Movies The venerable Doc Films and pictures & sounds at the Film Studies Center.

Parks & Rec Promontory Point, Jackson Park, cricket, lawn bowling, and more

Education & Classes It’s not just the U of C

GLBTQ Neighborhood centers and services

Volunteering How and where to give back in Hyde Park and Kenwood