To the editors:

As concerns the lead article in the August 7th issue, “The Importance of Being Jewish,” there is much to say. Permit me to address only one matter which is factually incorrect. The Hillel Foundations, under the national auspices of B’nai B’rith and locally cosponsored by the Jewish Federation, are not led solely “by Reform rabbis.” In fact, Rabbi Leifer (who is mentioned in the article) and I are Conservative Rabbis, Rabbi Balinsky of Northwestern is Orthodox, and other professional staff, rabbinic and nonrabbinic alike, are affiliated with the full range of American Jewish movements and identities. This has been true since the inception of the institution.

Hillels are proud of their unique role in American Jewish life in recognizing the full scope of Jewish pluralism–as reflected in both staffing and programming; Florence Hamlish Levinsohn must have been misinformed, leaving your readers with a misleading impression which I am happy to correct.

Richard A. Marker

Executive Director