To the editors:

Michael Miner, who usually gets it right, got it wrong when he characterized Ray Nordstrand’s leadership of Chicago magazine by an “unwillingness to dare or to offend” [Hot Type, January 26].

The fact is that I wrote many articles in the mid-1970s for Ray and the magazine, several of which caused him no end of grief and none of which he ever passed on to me. Quite the contrary, Ray wanted me to write more of the same.

Two examples: I wrote an article which, for the most part, savaged Chicago private high schools, including most of the schools large numbers of Chicago subscribers sent their kids to. I know Ray took heat on that one. Another article cast aspirations on divorce lawyers with special attention paid to some divorce court judges who, in a later time, would have been great candidates for Greylord.

Ray Nordstrand was, as far as this writer is concerned, an ideal manager –he became enthusiastic about your ideas, added some insights of his own, and, when you were finished with the piece, he printed it accompanied by great graphics. Then he paid you good money fast.

You name me better qualities for editorial leadership.

Lewis Z. Koch