In his recent letter [December 17] David Prindable was absolutely correct in pointing up that the 49th precinct of Chicago’s 42nd Ward was heavily Republican because of the presence of Moody Bible Institute. As a resident of the adjacent 17th precinct, I well recall the swarms of naive Bible students passing out “Pro-Life” literature in the days before the election (as if the Republicans had any intention of ending either abortion or war).

Mr. Prindable’s only mistake was in locating the Moody dormitory on the northwest corner of Chicago Avenue and Wells Street, when it is on the northeast corner.

Mr. Joravsky’s reply was completely disingenuous, pointing up that the incorrect location of the dormitory was out of the precinct, instead of acknowledging that all Moody dormitories are in the 49th precinct and that Moody students comprise the vast bulk of the voters in that precinct. Such snotty replies do nothing to enhance the reputation of the journalistic profession–as another of your correspondents, Michael Miner, might do well to notice.

Yours for a better world,

R.M. Schultz

W. Delaware

Ben Joravsky replies in this week’s column (page 8).