To the Editor:

As a local artist who has supported himself, albeit marginally, through his art for the last 12 years in Chicago, I had to respond to the nauseating spectacle in Wicker Park.

The so-called lumpen and anarchists who profess to represent a progressive agenda in Wicker Park must have wasted their upper-class parents’ tuition money in college by skipping their history classes.

Any rudimentary knowledge of 20th century history would inform these brats that all progressive political movements have focused on recruiting artists as workers, individuals who sell their labor and materials for a profit. The left never questioned the value of selling arts or crafts as a commodity (or anything for that matter), the concern was how to take control of the means of production.

The Socialists and Communists in 1930s Germany were defeated by the Nazis partly through the Nazis’ recruitment of the real lumpen, the criminals, thugs, and street trash, who then proceeded to terrorize the left through random, brutal acts of violence, acts which these privileged twits in Wicker Park seem committed to imitating. Attacking a locally based, independent bookstore!? It is a vile thing. The Hitler Youth would be pleased.

Michael Caplan

W. Giddings