Hey, the 90s are half over already and you still don’t know what they’re about. So here’s a test to sharpen up your 90s Quotient before the Millennium arrives and you don’t know what you’ve been living through.

1. Finish the sentences:

A.The 90s man 1. still thinks sexually active women are whores (Playboy).

B.The 90s woman 2. is politically correct (LA Times).

C.The 90s family 3. needs to suffer to get attention (Us).

D.The 90s teen 4. wants cheap suits (Wall Street Journal).

E.The 90s celebrity 5. needs a wife (Washington Post).

F.The 90s Barbie 6. smokes marijuana with the kids (LA Times).

2. Which of the following was not on Newsweek’s 90s page?

A. South Africa

B. Woody Allen

C. date rape

D. Tailhook

E. Joey Buttafuoco

F. Beverly Hills 90210

3. Who called the 90s…

A. the Morning-After Decade? 1. Ladies Home Journal

B. the Decade of the Brain? 2. Vogue

C. the She Decade? 3. George Bush

and who called it…

D. the Decade of the City? 4. Rolling Stone

E. the Decade of Social Responsibility? 5. The National League of Cities

F. the Decade of the Moment? 6. Christian Science Monitor

4. Who named them…

A. the Sober 90s? 1. World Press Review

B. the Decadent 90s? 2. Wall Street Journal

C. the Nagging 90s? 3. House and Garden

and who called them…

D. the Roaring 90s? 4. New Yorker

E. the Subdued 90s? 5. Washington Post

F. the Depressing 90s? 6. LA Times

G. the No-Name 90s? 7. Financial World

5. Which of the following have not been identified by media as trends of the 90s?

A. commuter marriages

B. staying home and sipping chamomile tea

C. going to coffeehouses to sip espresso

D. home parties

E. wild ecstasy-induced all-night rave parties

F. book clubs

G. strength workouts

H. smaller wine bottles

I. eating venison

J. planting very ordinary locally grown flowers

K. excess in dress and decoration

L. dressing down and simply

M. being priggish and puritanical

N. showing off female curves

O. E-mail

P. expanded Yellow Pages

6. George Bush or Bill Clinton:

A. Who was president during most of the 90s?

B. Who, after seven months in office, was blamed by the New Yorker for failing to create a cohesive identity, aura, or style for the 90s?

7. When, according to the National Review, were the 1890s dubbed “the Gay 90s”?

A. 1892

B. 1899

C. 1905

D. the 1930s

. When did the term “Gay 90s” start appearing in gay-oriented newspapers?

Answers: 1: A4, B5, C6, D1, E3, F2.

2: A.

3: A2, B3, C1, D5, E6, F4.

4: A2, B3, C1, D7, E4, F6, G5.

5: None, all have been identified as trends by: A. LA Times. B. Seattle Times. C. Gannett News Service. D. Chicago Tribune. E. Sassy. F. UPI. G. NY Times. H. Wall Street Journal. I. LA Times. J. NY Times. K. House and Garden. L. Vogue. M. U.S. News. N. Harper’s Bazaar. O. Newsweek. P. Megatrends.

6: A. Bush; B. Clinton

7: D. the 1930s

: 1992.