To the editors:

I want to commend your magazine and Robert McClory for the article on RSD which appeared in your April 30 issue.

The article titled “An Incredible Pain” could without exaggeration be redefined as “An incredible piece,” as I learned more about RSD from it than from the combined efforts of the eight doctors who have “treated” me in the past two years, and besides, your magazine didn’t cost me a penny.

Regrettably, if your article had been published sooner I would have been spared going through the many unnecessary and costly tests, and certainly avoided harmful X-ray overdoses.

My personal case is typical of the many others skillfully described in your piece. I know exactly the day the problem started. It started at the very moment I injured my left foot while carrying a heavy piece of furniture downstairs.

The doctors (all specialists) needed months to discover the real problem, but even after a proper diagnosis was rendered, they were always too busy to spare a few minutes to talk with you to explain the ailment. In my case it was also too late.

I am not through with my problems yet, and probably never will, but at least I know what my chances are while facing them, before I didn’t.

Your article has undoubtedly reached many other RSD sufferers, now too busy with their life’s struggles to have time to send you a thank-you note. I want to thank you on behalf of all of us.

D.J. Giovanetto

W. School