To the editors:

As a community leader in the Lincoln Park community for the last fifteen years I was pleased to read your article, “Colors: sprucing up the CTA,” in the December 2, 1988 Neighborhood News section.

I have been attempting to work with the CTA for the last five years to get the Fullerton elevated stop renovated. Their reaction in the past was to think up reasons why things could not be done.

What a pleasure it has been working with John Haley and Jeff Brady of the CTA. They willingly met with myself, Alderman Eisendrath and a representative from DePaul at the Fullerton Elevated Stop to review their plans and listen to our input.

They have been most cooperative and have readily accepted suggestions as the work is being done. They even repainted the windows of the fare collection building from shocking pink to burgundy at our suggestion.

When the project is done, we will have a lively, well-lighted elevated stop. We will also have a conversation starter–“What do you think of these colors of burgundy, hot pink and luminous peach?”

While the Fullerton Elevated Stop will not be a tourist attraction like the State of Illinois building, we do hope that this recent renovation will increase ridership and improve safety.

What is left to do now is to provide better transportation from the Fullerton Elevated to the Lincoln Park Zoo and beaches without causing hardship on those who live on Fullerton.

Allan Mellis

“Honorary Mayor of Lincoln Park”

W. Montana