Hey, h’lo–hope you’re well.

Just a jot here to say get your myths straight, son! The Plush saga [The Meter, May 5] went like so: Russ quit before the Fed session, was replaced, and then replaced again before tape really rolled. And I never quit at all–I was replaced in the drum stool when a different percussive style was dictated to match the arrangements prescribed by Tom Tom Washington. I attended some mixes of the material after it was all done too–not that they ever saw the light of day, but . . .

In the past I’ve been called several delightfully ambiguous names in the pages of your paper, but none so emphatic as “quitter.” If you want to hang that one on me you’re going to have to dig a little deeper–I have quit a thing or two in my life, but not in this instance.

Factitiously yours,

Rian Murphy

Logan Square