Those who champion the all-American “right” to carry guns everywhere never cease to amaze me with their odd arguments. The April 14 letter which claimed that “2.5 million times each year . . . law-abiding citizens successfully use handguns” is one example. Simple math underscores the vapidity of these “facts,” as this equates to 6,850 times each day somebody thwarts a crime with their trusty handgun.

That, of course, is ridiculous.

Additionally, every time a city, such as Morton Grove, Chicago, New York, etc, attempts to restrict the number of kill weapons spreading like a virus through its streets, the NRA and its gun lovers scream about the Second Amendment violation.

What these foaming-at-the-mouth zealots are never told by the NRA is that the “right” to bear arms has consistently been held by the Supreme Court to ONLY restrict the federal government’s total ban of privately owned weapons. It was intended by the drafters to be a bulwark against a state-controlled standing army, which they feared could lead to a fascist central government. Unlike some other amendments (the First, Fourth, Fifth, etc) the Second Amendment has never been extended to the states, and for good reason: each state, and city, has the right to determine the pervasiveness of crime within its borders and the best way to combat it. In addition, the Constitution does not prohibit the U.S. government from restricting guns, but only from a total ban.

The NRA will never inform its cult followers of the truth because they know their biggest fund-raising method is to scream that some city is trampling on the Second Amendment. Were it to admit the truth (which their attorneys surely know) they would lose their credibility. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Christopher Graul

N. Lake Shore Drive