To our readers:

Last week’s Reader carried a cover story by Juan Antonio Juarez, a former Chicago police officer. The story’s accuracy has been called into question by several letter writers, some of whom took issue with Juarez’s characterization of the late John Lyons. Others wondered at the reliability of recollections so many years after the events occurred.

We confirmed to our satisfaction that Juarez, who has gone on to work with disadvantaged children on the west coast, was the real thing and felt that his recollections were legitimate.

For us, the problem isn’t so much what Juarez said as what he didn’t say. According to the piece he gave us, he left the department because he was frustrated by the work. Since the story was published we’ve learned that he tested positive for drugs after a vacation in Amsterdam and was assigned to desk duty during the investigation. He says he was attending graduate school and planning to leave the force anyway, so he resigned. He thought this was irrelevant and didn’t need to be included in the piece. We disagree and we apologize to our readers for not presenting all the facts.

Alison True