To the editors:

Sirs, since when can a man like myself explain away God, like Thomas Sheehan does [April 21]. There are many sound scholars, sound scientists, sound thinkers who have been guided and the courage to discover because of the Holy Bible.

Sheehan’s insecurity comes to the fore when he thinks he can force other faculty members out of his way who pose a threat to his comfortable nihilism which is nothing new; the Neo-Liberalism, the well worded nihilism, the shock value of his iconoclast script was the stuff Nazi-Germany was made of. All Hitler did was get a bunch of malcontents together, bridge a here and now philosophy with ancient Germanic, Teutonic animism and “presto” give a passionate rock ‘n’ roll type appeal to an emotional delivery and you’ve got a new religion. One that answers only to visible leaders, to visible people. Sheehan’s disclaimer on Jesus Christ’s miracles can no more be proven than the claims that Jesus did do the miracles can. Face it, Sheehan is another priest! One that administers the sacrament of sacred desecration! Those who don’t have a faculty position, or some “cushy” attraction point to polarize from can repeat his old reworn rap and vicariously experience the feeling being a “devil in the flesh.” To the angry, and the bored, this Liberalism smacks of the same wild stuff the radical fundamentalist partakes of. When a Liberalistic religious type rallies around a maverick like Tom Sheehan a metamorphosis transpires. The evil, narrow minded fundamentalists can now be seen as great big devils who are now in government positions, plunging us into the great abyss of ignorance and medieval feudalism. Ah yes! Another cause celebre! The college crazy, the campus balladeer of the worship of self now has been told he carries the true gospel! WOW! HOW GRAND! HOW MODERN! But, is it really new?

But amazingly slow are we to realize also, maybe us Liberals are wrong. Dead wrong. Our rise, our triumph, our permissiveness, our defense of the man alone, our combat for the downtrodden, has always been more or less the sign that a civilization is dying, because it’s spoiled. (SADLY THIS WHOLE WORLD IS A FAILED EXPERIMENT OF SHEEHAN’S OLD VIEW, THAT MAN CAN DO IT WITHOUT REDEMPTION, WITHOUT SOME WISER ASSISTANCE. AN ASSISTANCE OF LIFE AND DEATH CONSEQUENCES.)