To the editors:

Harold Henderson’s article on the Church of Scientology vs CAN (Cult Awareness Network) [October 16] is disappointing in that it fails to shed light on what Scientology fanaticism is all about and deceptive in that it does not accurately disclose what Scientology courses really cost.

Fortunately for the Chicago area, there is little Scientology here. Other sections of the country have not been so lucky. I am a former Scientologist and I will attempt to illuminate this turgid subject.

Scientology is an elaborate mind control scheme concocted by the ultimate American crackpot . . . L. Ron Hubbard. The core of Scientology is a maze of mind-bending courses, hypnotic drills, and a wacky counseling procedure called “auditing.” All of this is extremely expensive. The courses get progressively more costly as one gets further into the maze and hundreds of hours of “auditing” are required. The current fee for auditing is $6,000 for 12 hours. One can expect to spend at least $100,000 to get to the Top Secret Revelations.

By the time one gets to the very costly Confidential OT Courses, one has been benumbed into a “True Believer” who will accept anything Hubbard has to say. Hubbard then reveals that he is “Source.” He is the one who has uncovered the dark and sinister extraterrestrial plots that have enslaved mankind for eons. At this point Hubbard becomes a “Cosmic Messiah” who has worked out the “Tech” for freeing humans from this cosmic enslavement. Of course, this “Tech” requires more and more expensive “auditing.” There is more to this but it is too insanely bizarre to reveal here.

All of this would be laughable except that Scientologists desperately and fanatically believe this rubbish. They have become Rondroids . . . Scientology robots who no longer have minds of their own. They can only think and speak . . . L. Ron Hubbard. The lower level Rondroids are under the control of and do the bidding of the Hierarchy of the “Church” of Scientology who have their hands on a lot of money and will spend any amount to promote Hubbard and their schemes to lure people into the cult. They will further spend any amount to oppose those who criticize them. They have spent millions on lawyers to manipulate the courts to their advantage.

To Scientologists L. Ron Hubbard didn’t just die . . . he left his body and is now in another galaxy where he is continuing his work. He has left behind a desperate bunch of fanatics who are programmed to “clear the planet” . . . in other words, convert everyone into Scientologists.

The Cult Awareness Network, CAN, is a small but noble effort to collect and make available information on destructive cults. The proliferation of these cults should be cause for public concern and a call for government action. The “Church” of Scientology is the richest and most vicious of the bunch.

CAN deserves and needs your moral and financial support now.

Name withheld