To the editors:

Having seen Charles Eshelman’s photo of the sneering, technocratic face of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority executive director, Peter Bynoe, which was used to introduce Michael Miner’s Hot Type for August 10; and recalling every obstacle that this one man has placed in the way of White Sox fans who have labored, in vain it would appear, to save Comiskey Park from the wrecker’s ball; and noting, too, the fact that for all his dedication to the project of staving off every attempt to save Comiskey Park, Bynoe has enjoyed the prestige of title, material compensation, and, finally, a ticket into the elite club of sports franchise owners, all of which have been awarded to him by the powers-that-be in the sports industry for a job well-done; I couldn’t help but recall some words from James Aronson’s essay in the Senator Gravel Edition of the Pentagon Papers.

With the abdication of the communications industry of its adversarial role vis-a-vis power long since accomplished, the American public has been left without any defense against a predatory government or the private power the government serves. Hence, Comiskey Park will be razed. Real White Sox fans will be turned away from the gates of the new stadium, its higher ticket prices and luxury accommodations out of their reach. But the owners of the White Sox, the governor of the state of Illinois, and the future members of the ISFA will have comfortable suites in which to sit. And Peter Bynoe will go on sneering, his career fully intact and his reputation unscathed.

Debbie Davis