To the editors:

Contrary to what Florence Levinsohn states in her response to my letter which appeared in the June 16, 1989 Reader, I did not give her just one figure when I provided her with information for her article, “School Revolt” [May 26].

As I recall, I mailed to her most, if not all, of the information which appeared in my letter.

There is absolutely no reason why that information should not be disclosed. It is public, and it is printed in a number of school system publications which are broadly distributed in Chicago.

Robert M. Saigh

Director of Information

Department of Communications

Chicago Public Schools

Florence Hamlish Levinsohn replies:

If Mr. Saigh sent me the material as he claims, I can only blame the U.S. post office for its not having arrived. I recall him saying during our phone conversation that he would send me some material on the board’s responses to the school-reform bill, but no material from him ever reached me.