To the editors:

As business manager for the New Art Examiner from June of 1987 through February of 1989, I was well aware that the magazine’s sometimes precarious financial position put it at the mercy of its printing company. Despite limited resources and low pay, every member of the Examiner’s staff put out substantial effort to produce the finest independent arts publication possible. Because it operates as an independent, nonprofit voice of the visual arts, the Examiner is able to express opinions that other arts magazines might shy away from.

Nonetheless, as your November 9 “Hot Type” story makes clear, the New Art Examiner’s vision is still at the mercy of a handful of people who would rather ignore “disturbing” images than deal with them. Ironically, the Examiner’s printers have succeeded in doing what the authorities in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Broward County, Florida, couldn’t do–suppressing a work of art because it didn’t meet their standards of what art should be.

John Cowan