To the editors:

In response to the Reader to Reader in your July 16 issue, I would like to correct any misunderstandings which may have resulted regarding the Chicago Park District’s disposal of its tulip bulbs.

Beginning in 1990, the Chicago Park District has donated their bulbs, in addition to other plant materials, to Project Earth Bloom, Inc., an Illinois not-for-profit organization which distributes them free of charge to schools and community organizations throughout the city of Chicago. In fact, the bulbs which Ms. Krucoff observed being pulled on Michigan Avenue in May were destined for distribution to elementary and high schools on the south and west sides of Chicago. (The bulbs are dug out at the end of their bloom cycle in order to proceed with the planting of annuals in a timely manner. This is the acknowledged procedure of not only the Park District, but also of the City of Chicago and private landscaping companies.) Unfortunately, through an apparent miscommunication, erroneous information was provided to Ms. Krucoff by a Chicago Park District employee who was not privy to the true destination of the bulbs.

Project Earth Bloom, Inc. is proud to work with the Chicago Park District in its ongoing commitment to recycling horticulture materials. Through the Park District’s efforts, tulips, daffodils, annuals, and other recycled plant materials have beautified neighborhoods all over the city of Chicago.

Thank you.

Patricia A. O’Brien

Executive Director

Project Earth Bloom, Inc.