Hello Reader!

In the September 12 issue [Spot Check], Monica Kendrick writes that Man or Astro-Man? is sounding “less than ever like a surf band, and more like, well, a Touch and Go band.” I happened to be privileged enough to interview Birdstuff and Star Crunch of MOA? when they played the Metro last week. I revealed this inspired bit of nonsense to them, and they were quite taken. To quote Birdstuff, “What does a Touch and Go band sound like? None of the bands share a common sound. To say that a band is a Touch and Go band is a statement that is ludicrous in and of itself.”

I would be forced to agree. There is such a diverse set of sounds coming from Chicago’s own Touch and Go that to try to label any of the music is something straight from the transmissions of Q101. It is true that Man or Astro-Man? have changed their sound a little, but if Monica Kendrick would have taken the time to see them at the Metro, they would have been more than happy to offer an explanation. Yet, in a sad day for Chicago journalism, Man or Astro-Man? was courted only by lowly college journalists at their sold-out Chicago show. I guess it’s easy to fire indiscriminate shots into the darkness, but one has to face the light of day at some point.

Aaron Clemen