Re: Oprah/James Frey [Hot Type, January 20].

First of all, one of the other people on the couch or by remote said, on the show, that they commended Frey for coming on the show, that a “PR person” would have told him to do nothing and wait for it to blow over. I would have told him to write the truth and then release it via e-mail to the media–but not to go on Oprah, since it was going to be a kangaroo court, which it was. He owes her nothing, she picked the book, it was her responsibility to check the integrity/veracity of it, since she was recommending it to her feeding-frenzy audience. I call her “Pope-rah”–who does she think she is? And when a friend, who is a fan, said that she has a lot of power, I said, “Yes, because people like you give it to her.” James Frey and Nan Talese should have gotten up and walked off of the show, instead of looking so morose–and taking her crap. And of course it was all about her–the reason she was so ticked off was because she was getting questioned by the media–it had nothing to do with any of his lies. It’s always about her.

A Chicago publicist