To the editors:

Marla Felcher in her April 7th letter epitomizes a controversy that afflicts the developed world that began with Malthus and has reached its apotheosis in the abortion controversy i.e. the value of children.

People choose to procreate for various reasons–not all of them (in my opinion) laudatory. Among these are: 1) the desire to pass on the family name or business 2) the motive of shaping a child into a “chip off the old block” 3) the urge for the “social security” their children would provide them in their old age 4) the wish for the positive emotional feedback provided by someone who needs and depends on them.

Mrs. Felcher’s reason was “. . . we don’t like children.” I wish she would have explained why.

In my value system, children are the concrete symbols of the love between a man and a woman. Granted, some do not fit this concept e.g. those resulting from rape.

Tom Mitchell

N. Marshfield