First I would like to thank Steve Bogira for his article “Senseless Sentences” [January 8]. It showed a horrible but true reality. Also to Margaret Thom, Dave Homiak, and Joanne Archibald for seeing that so much is wasted when people are put in prison nowadays [Letters, January 29].

I am writing from firsthand experience. During my incarceration I have seen quite a bit, from the food and clothes that are thrown away every day to all of the prisoners who will never receive a basic education. Then the cutting of the educational programs over the years has not helped matters.

I thought the goal is to rehabilitate people. Now it is just a warehouse. I know I am here for what I did, I don’t deny it. But what do you think will happen when people get out without learning anything?

More lives would be saved instead of being wasted if more money and time was spent on children and schools. Then you wouldn’t have to spend so much on prisons.

Thank you for printing such a thought-provoking article, and please continue to do so.

Zak Kroeger

Pittsfield Work Camp