Dear Reader:

Art Jones [“Bigot for Hire,” July 22] is a friend of mine. I would trust him with my life. I doubt if Grant Pick knows anyone he can say that about. Art and I agree that the United States has been irreparably harmed by the rise of multiracialism, the end of the hegemony of the white race here. What once was a mighty nation, respected throughout the world because it was white, now is scoffed at and ridiculed by peoples and countries the white people of America had befriended and helped. Our white charity and liberalism have come back to haunt us.

For the Jews’ sake we destroyed Germany. Now the Jews are empowered to do whatever they will against the interests of the white race.

For the sake of the Negroes, we destroyed the American Republic–it died at Appomattox–and its Constitution; its legal system is in shambles, with racially divided juries unable to come to agreement whenever race is a factor in criminal cases.

The Armed Forces of the United States are so racially divided that they are just a step away from mutiny, with more than 60 percent of the cadre of the U.S. Army nonwhites and females. The officers of the military are so brainwashed that they are willing to turn their guns on the white people of America should they be ordered to.

Art Jones risked his life in Vietnam for a country whose government now hisses at him and other whites like a snake. And you wonder why he is embittered by the disenfranchisement, the dispossession of the white, the Aryan, race in America.

Major Donald V. Clerkin


Euro-American Alliance, Inc.