To the editors:

I’d like to comment on Jerry Crimmins’ letter (November 30) criticizing the Reader for printing Mapplethorpe’s Honey photograph a few weeks ago. I always thought Jerry, a Tribune reporter, was a good one–and I depended on his expertise a few times when we covered stories together years ago when I was breaking into newspapering at the City News Bureau. But when he says, “Sex created every man, woman and child on earth . . .” I wonder where he’s been for the last decade or two.

Things have changed, Jerry. People are now being created in test tubes and petri dishes and doctors’ offices. No sex needed. People now begin from eggs that aren’t mom’s, sperm that isn’t dad’s and in wombs that are borrowed. Mothers’ eggs can be extracted and implanted, fathers’ sperm can be stored and injected, and babies exit women’s bodies with whom they have absolutely no genetic connection.

Jerry, you are wrong when you say, “. . . love is one of the principal glories of human existence.” Today, science and medicine are.

Bonnie McGrath

N. Michigan