Kudos, Tony Adler, for the profound ignorance and inaccuracy that starts off your review of Hard Love [“The Home Front,” August 11]. Israelis are dying, “apparently for the crime of withdrawing from Gaza,” not for the illegal 39-year occupation of territories and now Lebanon or in response to the deaths of thousands of civilians, many children. Further, to state “They want to wipe out everybody,” referring to Iran’s president and Hezbollah’s chief, as much as I have no use for either of them, is a disservice and false.

You seem offended that anyone has the gall to explore “fissures in Israeli culture,” which you do admit is necessary, but at the same time consider “possibly dangerous.” Dangerous? It is this very exploration of Israeli, Palestinian, Lebanese, Iranian, etc culture and contradictions that allows us to understand the complexities and sources of conflict in the Middle East, as well as Iranian, Hezbollah, and yes, Israeli culpability. Apparently, United We Stand (with Israel) is enough for you–how appropriate for an art critic. Talking politics does nothing for your review, and [Hard Love] may very well suck (I have not seen it), but I would prefer it any day over reading your dribble. Learn to think, then write.

Marshall Daniels