Mike [Miner]:

I want to attempt to set the record straight and end all the nonsense of posters, plaques, and reminiscences about who coined the advice to young reporters “If your mother says she loves you, check it out” [Hot Type, December 9]. City News Bureau legend A.A. Dornfeld, better known as Dorny, is continually credited with the dictate. However, in his book Behind the Front Page, the curmudgeon night CNB boss, who tossed compliments around like sewer covers, disabused Mike Royko of the thought and insisted Ed Eulenberg, a coconspirator rewrite and deskman, penned the memorable order. “Eulie” was one of the great CNB mentors until he went straight and took the cash offered by the Daily News.

James B. Strong, aka Stormy

CNB ’55

Arlington Heights