To the editors:

This question of the Chicago University Orthogenic School and its leader in times past, Dr. Bruno Bettelheim, seems to be an issue that won’t go away [Letters, April 6 and 20; May 4, 11, and 2 5; and June 8 and 15].

We even have a graduate “Winston 1984” who insists the years spent there were good for him! (Reader, June 8, 1990)

I believe we can make this issue go away. I believe there is a way to accomplish anything that’s right.

David Rockefeller, now old and gray, was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago in the late 1920s.

Problems that can’t be worked out at lower levels go to the top.

Let every person of some spirit who is upset by what is and isn’t going on petition David Rockefeller to return to this city and speak privately with every student of the school that is ready to tell the truth as he sees it. David R. will do the right thing.

Lincoln Edmands

E. 76th St.