The September 16th article on WBEZ [“WBEZ’s Big Gamble”] mentions that some attribute the 1994 drop in WBEZ membership to Malatia’s program changes, like his termination of The Earth Club and Radio Gumbo.

It seems that Mr. Malatia had to repeat his mistake with the recent abrupt unannounced termination of Mambo Express–a fine, fun local show that was entertaining and educational without feeling educational.

It has been replaced by some other show which presents music you can hear on any of Chicago’s commercial Latin radio stations, only in a way that feels medicinal.

Mr. Malatia does not respond to any E-mail I send him about this, leading me to believe that he cares little about WBEZ listeners. I won’t be renewing my membership again. For Thistle & Shamrock and Afropop WorldWide, I’ll just send my contributions directly to Fiona Ritchie and Georges Collinet.

If he cancels Passport, this means war. Is anyone interested in starting another public radio station for Chicago?

Alex Jones