To the editors:

Pat Stoll [“Demonstration,” May 6] would have us believe that a great injustice was done to the two girls who were allegedly struck by a professor in a three-piece suit after they unfurled a Palestinian flag at an Israel Independence Day celebration at Chicago Circle. I suggest that the facts as Stoll herself presents them show that they got precisely what they deserved. No one stopped them from peaceably presenting their message outside the hall to anyone who might care to receive it. Instead, they chose to crash someone else’s party with the intent of disrupting it: not so much for the purpose of expressing their opinion as the prevention of others from communicating theirs. And apparently this sort of thing has been going on for years: people ostensibly in this country on student visas devoting their time to interfering with the right of free expression of the American citizens who participate in the Israel celebration.

I wonder if Ms. Stoll would have been equally tolerant of a Zionist effort to disrupt a Palestinian celebration.

Zalman Gaibel

W. Touhy