To the editors:

As WTTW’s first Art Director, it was interesting to read about the revival of the use of “people on the street” IDs [“Hi! You’re Watching . . .” February 24]. It was one of the many attempts to use that identification time in the early 1960s, to create interest in the then new TV idea. We used multiple slides as tapes then as limited equipment couldn’t handle the use of film at that transitional moment.

It was a time of mini-budgets, overworked staff, and yet a time of experiment and innovation. Those are words rarely associated with television these days, even Public Television. It’s not clear why mega-budgets and extensive high-tech equipment seem to dull the creativity of any organization, but it does seem to prevail.

But then as the 20th century nears its closing, many people think that Video games are creative.

Our Town is one of my must-read columns in your must-read paper!

Robert Kostka

Ashland, Oregon