To the editors:

If Achy Obejas and the matron she talked to in front of Lutheran General Hospital last Saturday (Our Town “Prolife” story, May 19) think that contradictory “Thou shalt not kill” signs prove that prolifers are “lost” and need to get back to real basics, they need to do a little more research.

The Catholic Church combines the first two commandments. Thus, killing is condemned by the fifth commandment. In the Protestant version, it’s the sixth commandment.

How typical of those unsympathetic to the murder of the unborn to focus on a stupid detail like that. Suppose the two signs really were contradictory. Would that make the crime any less horrible?

Next time, Achy should mingle among the “pro-choicers” heckling and cursing prolife activists at an Operation Rescue. She’ll find what it really means to be lost.

Richard J. O’Connor

Highland, Indiana